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Tampa, Florida is positively packed with entertainment and things to do. There are so many potential ways to entertain yourself in Tampa, in fact, that creating an itinerary can feel like a daunting task. To help you sort through the masses of attractions in Tampa, Cruisin Tikis has 5 unique things to do in Tampa, including our beautiful tiki cruises. The next time you’re in Tampa, be sure not to miss out on these attractions! 

1. Cruisin Tikis Tampa

Cruisin Tikis in Tampa is certainly among the more unique things to do in Tampa, as Cruisin Tikis deviates from the standard tiki boats and harbor cruises (trust us, we’re experts on Tiki Cruises!) Rather than focusing on grandiose (and highly-priced) surroundings and even pricier food and beverages, Cruisin’ Tikis provide an easygoing atmosphere for parties, family gatherings, dates, and solo cruises alike, offering large coolers chock-full of ice in which to store your favorite drinks and snacks. The BYOB approach to tiki cruising makes Cruisin’ Tikis a unique Tampa attraction while keeping costs low, and allowing you to personalize your Tampa tiki experience. 

Cruisin’ Tikis offers 90-120 minute cruises, all of them NYON, and equipped with plenty of cooler space, ice, and a Bluetooth speaker to connect to and play your preferred tiki soundtrack, while kicking back with your choice of food and drink. Tickets start at $50 per person, and each cruise accommodates 6 guests.  Book your cruise today!

2. Tampa Electric’s Manatee Viewing

Although marine wildlife is certainly not news to Tampa residents–or even Tampa visitors–the unique manatee viewing opportunity from Tampa Electric is not something visitors should miss. As the water grows colder in Tampa, manatees flock to the warm discharge canal from Tampa Electric company, allowing the creatures to maintain their warmth and secure a safe haven. In operation since the mid 1980s, Tampa Electric has been declared a refuge for the manatees seeking warmth, leading to Tampa Electric’s development of a viewing platform. 

While the manatee viewing is incredible, it is a simple and unguided affair, and most visitors view the manatees on the way to another attraction, or as part of a larger itinerary, as most visitors only spend 30-60 minutes watching the manatees gather. 

3.Tampa Theatre

Although it may seem strange to recommend a movie theatre on a list of unique things to do in Tampa, the Tampa Theatre offers an intense and unique movie-going experience that you’ve not likely seen before. The Tampa Theatre was built in 1926, designed to reflect the opulence and grandeur that the times warranted. Far more than a standard theatre, the Tampa Theatre has a courtyard, stage, multiple levels, and intricate details that simply are not seen in modern theatres. 

The Tampa Theatre has also been called a movie palace, and its grandeur lives up to the title. Whether you are looking to hear the theatre’s incredible organ, or you want to experience a film viewing the way your grandmother might have, Tampa Theatre is a worthy stop. 

4. The Henry B. Plant Museum

The Henry B. Plant Museum might not offer the scintillating events so common to beachfront cities, but it is certainly not without its merit. The Henry B. Plant Museum is an enormous, ornate building that has alternately acted as a hotel, school, and museum. With plenty of grounds to walk through and enjoy, and truly stunning architecture, the museum has much to offer in the way of beautiful views and showing an incredible slice of American history. 

Today, the Henry B. Plant Museum is home to both a museum and the University of Tampa. Visitors are largely held to one part of the enormous building and exposed to all of the original architecture, furniture, and amenities that were offered at the hotel at the pinnacle of its success. 

5. Tampa Riverwalk

Although many a “must-see” list will urge you to visit a boardwalk or two–and with good reason–the Tampa Riverwalk spans two miles, and offers a riverfront experience filled with food, shops, museums, and parks. The Tampa Riverwalk makes its way onto the unique things to do in Tampa list due to its origin: developed in partnership with the city of Tampa, the Tampa Riverwalk is a relatively new attraction, put in place to inspire a sense of ownership, community, and connection among residents and visitors. 

The shops, restaurants, museums, and parks along the riverwalk vary in terms of their hours of operation, but simply walking along the riverwalk does not require any money, and the Tampa Riverwalk can be a great option for anyone looking for an inexpensive or free experience in Tampa.